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Paying attention to the color, consistency, coating, and contents of your pet's poop can provide you with valuable insight into your furry BFF's health. While abnormal color or consistency might simply be related to a change in diet, it can also be a sign of a serious health concern, especially if it's persistent for more than 24 hours. Read below to learn what healthy poop should look like, and click through to the blog for even more details. Because knowledge is power.

What’s your dog’s poo telling you?


Any shade of brown is considered acceptable and normal 

Call the vet if ongoing for 24+ hours or accompanied by other symptoms — temporary color changes are normal if your dog eats food with dyes or grass. Otherwise, they could be a sign of something more serious, so try to collect a stool sample for analysis.

Pink or Purple Poop

If it looks like raspberry jam, it might be hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

Grey Poop

Indicates pancreatic or liver issues — if also greasy, your pup’s had too much fatty food

White Poop
A sign of constipation or too much calcium in the diet

Hard Poop

Indicates constipation, dehydration, a lack of fiber, kidney disease or digestive disorders

Yellow / Orange Poop

Truly yellow or orange poop can be a sign of liver issues, infection, or digestive problems

Green Poop

Green poop can be a sign of intestinal parasites or infection

Runny or Watery Poop

Could indicate giardia, parasites, infection, viruses, or in rare cases, even cancer 

Call the vet right away if you observe these excretions...

Black Poop

Indicates digested blood caused by bleeding in the stomach or upper GI tract

Red Poop

Indicates the presence of blood, from infection, parasites, trauma or other intestinal conditions

What’s your cat’s poo telling you?


A great sign of a healthy digestive system

Call the vet if ongoing for 24+ hours or accompanied by other symptoms...

Yellow or Green Poop

Indicates quick stool passing and possibly a digestive complication

White Spots or Specks

Indicates intestinal parasites or worms

Runny or Watery Poop

Diarrhea is caused by diet change, stress, intestinal parasites, viruses & bacteria

Mushy or Soft Poop

Indicates an upset stomach, typically related to a sudden diet change

Hard or Dry Poop

Indicates constipation, often caused by dehydration or a lack of fiber

Call the vet right away if you observe...

Black Poop

Very dark, tarry or black cat poop indicates internal bleeding in the upper GI tract 

Orange Poop 

Indicates a serious health issue with liver, gallbladder or bile duct 

Red Poop

Indicates bleeding in the lower GI tract — a medical emergency when accompanied by diarrhea

or vomiting

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